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Where Did Civility Go?

Yeah he’s probably the loudest, most socially reactive President we’ve had in decades, but the wheels didn’t magically come off the country…

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Memorial day: Our Living Tributes

Another Memorial Day is here, and I think back on friends I have lost who served.  I remember standing in front of my father’s coffin and the vault engraved with the Navy Cross he was so very proud of.  I remember Sgt Mulkern’s bagpipes, Stripe’s crooked smile and SSgt Arnold’s tortured grin…   When I …

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Information Security. It’s About Integrity

How your company addresses security is often seen as a simple cost-value equation. …How you approach information security today often influences how the public views your overall integrity whether you like it or not.

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Installing Cumulative Updates on Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft has released cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2016 (CU2) and Exchange Server 2013(CU13), clearing the technique for .NET Framework 4.6.1 use by organizations. Microsoft Unlocks .NET Framework 4.6.1 : possibly the most outstanding updated…

How To Pick This Year’s President

Many folks on social media are inundating me with political propaganda this month; I’ve been guilty of sharing a few tidbits myself and I get it: You want your candidate to win, or you hate both of them and want to revolt. The problem is that 90% of this stuff is pure garbage (or satire) from …

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Republican Party: On the Brink

Straddling the precipice seems to be where the Republican Party feels most comfortable this year. Between the elementary school playground slap-fights played out on the national debate stage to massive policy shifts by the party front-runner in a given day, there seems to be ample evidence that the Republican Party lacks both stability and integrity …

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QuickBooks Not Windows 10 Compatible

Windows 10 has been in general release since last July, and since that time Intuit has released yet another version of its desktop accounting software as well: QuickBooks 2016. However, if you are one of those small businesses taking advantage of Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrades, you will be in for a bit of a …

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Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (beta)

Microsoft is offering 350 beta seats for the Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016…

Windows 10: Releasing the hounds

I look back at the history of this latest version of Microsoft’s new flagship operating system and I find myself hopeful. Surprisingly hopeful…

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Windows 10: A Sys Admin’s Preview

I eagerly await how the actual delivery of these features turns out, but this very well could be the turning point that takes the public scorn of Vista and 8-8.1 out of the public consciousness and replaces it with something business users and managers have been anxiously awaiting over a decade.

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The fleecing of Idaho: A prescription drug coverage scheme

If you’ve had to get your own healthcare, then you’ve seen Mountain Health Co-op; the newest addition to the Idaho marketplace.  Unfortunately, they are playing an all-too-familiar game with their healthcare coverage that you may have already found upsetting…   It seems like a good deal, their rates are low and the coverage appears to …

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Memorial Day: 2015

All through the ages our proud men & women have served and fought as well as did their families who also served by supporting them.

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Obama Sits Upon His Throne To Watch The World Burn

This President has abandoned this nation as no other before him has ever done. Carter? Obama outpaced Carter’s idiocy years ago.

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A new direction: Technology Advocacy

My goal today is to take IT Consulting in a bold new direction by abandoning the “Value Added Reseller” model which just doesn’t allow for the flexibility required to serve customers more effectively.

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Before the Berlin Wall Fell: A Parting Shot

The base motor pool began to thunder with the sound of massive engines as every tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle crew began loading up a full fighting load of arms and men. Downs Barracks in Fulda West Germany had gone from silent to a war footing in mere minutes.

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