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Home Warranty: A good deal, or ripoff?

Buy a home and you’re likely to be offered the safety of a home warranty to make you feel better about taking a chance on buying someone’s existing house. The chances are also good though, that the whole thing is worth less than you expect and becomes far more troublesome than simply having the work …

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Long term care Insurance: For whom doth the bell toll?

I was approached one day by a huckster for long term care insurance and they dutifully pulled out their prize turkey for all to view:  “A common misconception about long-term care is that it is just for the elderly. However, anyone of any age or occupation may need long-term care at any time and for …

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From the archives: Shelter Skelter

  Shelter-Skelter A true story of death, deceit and betrayal of the public trust at the Boise Humane Society. Greetings: Fostering animals for the Boise Humane Society is at best, a dodgy enterprise; take a litter of kittens home with you and they promise total care and support, but bring them in for minor care, …

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