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Terms of Use

All articles written by Bob Duker can be reproduced in whole or in part with written consent.

A “Repost” button has been provided for your convenience, and use of the “Repost” method is automatically approved (for noncommercial use only) without written consent and is free of charge as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The provided code remains intact and unaltered in any way.
  • The website into which the Repost code is embedded does not hamper the Repost code in any way.

The Repost code allows the article to be embedded within your site in an unaltered state and displays an explicit authorization to repost the content. It does not do anything beyond that.

Written consent without using the repost link can be obtained by sending a request via email to the author, at   In your request, please outline the details regarding how the content is to be displayed or used and you will receive a prompt response.  Advanced permission can be obtained in this same manner for multiple articles as they are published.

If you would like to embed Bob’s original articles on your commercial site, please contact him directly at for permission and pricing.

All original posted content (comments or posts) by other authors found on remains the property of the respective authors themselves and is not automatically approved through the use of the repost link.  Any reproductions of the posted articles (not belonging to Bob Duker) or comments in whole or in part must be approved in writing by the author themselves.  All such requests must be made to and approval will return to you in the form of an email directly from the author.  Permission is considered to be rejected until such time as you receive approval directly from the author of the content in question.

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