China Palace: Masters of disaster

My wife has a taste for Chinese food, so I try to indulge her on occasion and so on those evenings we find ourselves stopping by the China Palace on Old State Street in Eagle.


Lately, there have been a few troubling signs showing up, which has culminated in me looking them up on the Central District Health department website, where they allow you to browse the results of health inspections of your favorite eating establishments.  I’ll show you those results at the end of this article.


We’ve been eating here for about 4 years now, and over the past year or so, we’ve noticed a steady slide downward in the quality of the food they serve.  Being the only Chinese food in the area, we continued to eat there because the service was reasonably good and the waitress was very nice and accommodating.  That all changed some months ago when the “Rice” opened up over by the Eagles Albertson’s and we discovered our favorite waitress serving us there when we went to try it out.


Unfortunately, that left a void at the China Palace that has not been adequately filled.  As ide from a polite smile, the service has become rather slow, and the food portions have begun to shrink without improving in quality.  When orders are called in, they often get them wrong and we usually end up explaining our order at least twice when we opt to dine in.


The food itself is average Americanized Chinese fare with the usual staple offerings, nothing outstanding, but not too bad either; kind of a study in middle-of-the-road adequacy if you will.


So why does this rate such a review as this?  Well, that’s where we come to the most unwelcome surprise of all.  The health inspection results:  In 2012 they were inspected a total of 5 times due to failing so badly that they had to re-certify in order to keep their license.  In total, 14 violations of the health code were found at the China Palace in 2012.  In 2013, they made some improvements and were only found to have violated 7 health codes.  I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek, because that remains an enormous amount of violations and it is a marked improvement by half over the year before.  Needless to say, dine-in Chinese has been taken off our menu for quite some time.

The Health district search page:

Just my view, from the cheap seats…

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