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The day after Thanksgiving

We have given thanks appropriately for all that God’s gracious bounty has afforded us the opportunity to enjoy. The meals are over; friends & family have gone home and the turkey, ribeye, fruit salad & other leftovers reappear as sandwiches, lunches and snacks while that leftover pie beckons for one last shot at becoming that […]

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Remembrance day: 9-11

This day is yet another reminder for us to give thanks to those around us who serve or have served, and to remember their families who serve and sacrifice in support of them as well. A day that should drive us to continue to remember them beyond this day and carry it throughout our daily lives.

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Poem: I love my life…

[important]  Audio version available!         I love my life [/important] I love my wife, I love my life My heart shines through my children’s eyes   Troubles come and then they go Through it all she won’t let go Cloudy skies don’t trouble me No silver lining do I need When in […]

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The Face of Intolerance in America

I have lived with gay family members all of my life, and I love them for being who they are, not what they do. I simply disagree with some of their choices in life and I hope and pray that they find the kind of peace their hearts truly need. People can have have compassionate disagreements on difficult subjects like this, but that isn’t enough for some people who must punish everyone around them for daring to have a different point of view. This is the exact kind of intolerant hatred that was waged against them so many years ago, and now they too have emerged to become the very same kind of people they feared and despised so long ago.

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One Nation under God

One  Nation Under God Each morning I wake up and go through the morning routines of feeding the horses, getting the girls ready for the day and heading off to work.  It’s the mundane everyday tasks like these that nearly everyone goes through each morning, but how many of us stop to really think about […]

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