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Merry Christmas: The breath drawn in the aftermath

I wish to all of you, a merry Christmas, from our family to yours, as well as the following thoughts:


Merry Christmas:  The breath drawn in the aftermath


The holiday draws to a close as the presents have been given and received, prayers and good wishes spread across the land.  Left basking in the afterglow of our own celebrations, the still quiet hours after the celebration has ended offer us time to reflect upon what has brought all of us to this point:  What brings us each year to celebrate Christmas?  Christ’s birth has given us more than adequate reason to celebrate, but what has the salvation born of Christ’s sacrifice come to mean to us today?


It is a question that each of us must face individually and in that reflection, each of us must ultimately come to a deeply personal and life-defining conclusion.  (Yes, deciding not to address the question is in its own right, a conclusion)  That single choice has altered the course of history in ages past, it has driven both war and complacency to degrees unwarranted by commons sense or reason, but it has also driven our world’s greatest triumphs and has resulted in the spread of the Christian faith across most of the globe.


Does Christ’s birth and sacrifice mean something in your own personal life?

If not, then Christmas has no meaning for you beyond the marketing blitz encouraging present exchanges and frivolous spending, and those of you who think of Christmas in this way will most likely continue on as before without a second thought to the matter beyond the humanitarian glow of goodwill that accompanies the season.


If, however, it does have substantial meaning for you, then this day has served to remind you of what is truly life-focusingly important in your life and have found a renewed sense of both wonder at the boundless expanse of God’s mercy towards man, and renewed purpose towards filling your life and the lives of those around you with his love and grace.


Need faith?  Need renewed hope?  Look into the eyes of a child.  Undying and unwavering faith and hope live there, burning brightly for all to see.  There are times when doubt clouds my mind, when hope seems too far away to make any real impact, but when I look into the eyes of my two children, I see unquestioning faith and eternal hope; enough to fill my world if given the chance.  In those eyes I am ever reminded of the true meaning of Christmas; the joyous celebration of the birth of our salvation and the renewal of our hope that someday we too will enjoy the peace that passes beyond all understanding and the joy of  life everlasting.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a blessed life.

Bob Duker

Par Sit Fortuna Labori  

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