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Free Appliance Pickup: Convenience, or Raw Deal?

If you’ve ever heard those commercials from your local power company urging you to use less electricity, then you’ve heard the plea to use wisely, conserve energy, and they even offer to pick up your old appliances for free if you buy new energy efficiency ones. Sometimes they even offer to pay you a small amount of money to pick them up for you.

It seems like a decent gesture on the surface of it, why else would they want to haul away your broken appliances?

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Yogurt: A weighty subject

I recently visited a new Yogurt shop here in Eagle that sells frozen yogurt self-serve by the ounce.  Now let that sink in a moment and consider the pro’s and cons of this arrangement:  While you ponder, let me walk you through my own recent visit. The selection of flavors and toppings is quite generous, […]

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