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QuickBooks Not Windows 10 Compatible

Windows 10 has been in general release since last July, and since that time Intuit has released yet another version of its desktop accounting software as well: QuickBooks 2016. However, if you are one of those small businesses taking advantage of Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrades, you will be in for a bit of a disappointment.

No version of QuickBooks is yet compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. If you attempt to use QuickBooks with Windows 10 you can expect to experience:

  • Program lock-ups where QuickBooks does not respond for a period of several minutes at a time throughout the day at random.
  •  Spell Check problems that will occasionally cause QuickBooks to freeze for several minutes while checking each Invoice that you process, causing a massive headache for anyone attempting to process large batches of invoices.
  • Intuit support staff will tell you that Windows 10 is not supported, so software support will be best effort only and resolutions to your problems are not assured.
  • QuickBooks Integrations (Shopify and others) may not work, since Intuits Web Connect has not yet been evaluated or adjusted for Windows 10 compatibility.

Intuit itself seems to be of two minds on the subject, causing even more confusion among accountants & bookkeepers:  If you go to the Intuit website, (as of the writing of this article) you will see statements proclaiming that QuickBooks 2015 and 2016 are Windows 10 compatible, but that has also been recently rebutted by Intuit’s own support team which has stated in a recent official posting this week that no version of QuickBooks is currently compatible with Windows 10 and that there does not yet exist a timetable for that to happen.

Intuit has also not yet released a report (bug report, or known issues report) regarding what features are broken in Windows 10, so anyone using any version of QuickBooks on a Windows 10 machine is essentially on their own.

Intuit is quick to point out, however that their QuickBooks online offerings are fully compatible with Windows 10, just not the new  Web browser that comes as default, Microsoft’s Edge.  For some that would be welcome news, since their online software does offer a lot of eye-candy, available-anywhere reports and mobile device interfaces and such, but under the hood, Intuits QuickBooks online in missing most of the time saving automations that nearly all accountants and bookkeepers use to save time and effort, which translate into lower fees for their customers.  Essentially; any accountant or bookkeeper that knows how to take the most effective advantage of QuickBooks advanced automation features has to take about 10 years step back into the past and do without those features which make QuickBooks worth doing in the first place.

Here’s to hoping that Intuit catches up with the times before Sage, or some of the other rising star in the industry overshadows QuickBooks and attracts those tens of thousands of disillusioned QuickBooks Pro Advisors whoa have grown weary of lackluster foreign support and slashed subscription benefits.

Just my view from the cheep seats…

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