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Home Warranty: A good deal, or ripoff?

Buy a home and you’re likely to be offered the safety of a home warranty to make you feel better about taking a chance on buying someone’s existing house.

The chances are also good though, that the whole thing is worth less than you expect and becomes far more troublesome than simply having the work done yourself. Be aware that there is a price to pay for signing with one of these companies and you could find that you end up paying more for the service calls than the repairs are worth.

Don’t think, for example, that you will be able to call a repair company and be reimbursed for the work by the Home warranty company; it doesn’t quite work that way.

Take American Home Shield, for example; you pay a $60 dollar fee for a service technician to come out and look at a problem covered by the warranty. Even if the company doesn’t even charge to come to your home and give an estimate. You are also apparently obligated to wait for them to respond to a call for help, even if that means having your entire plumbing backed up for 4 days with sewage in your showers and bath tubs. And don’t expect helpful answers from their staff, all you get on the other end of that particular phone call is a call center phone jockey with a script in her hand that will not ever be deviated from.

First-hand experience? You bet!

How many of you have been sold a Home warranty? Was it a good experience? Or was it less than helpful?

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