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Hunger Games: “festival of human depravity”

Today I finally broke down and watched Hunger Games…

It was a challenge, as a father, to sit through this piece of filth all through to the end, but lets take a look at the premise this movie is based on, and no, I don’t really care if there are spoilers here because anyone who gets even a smudge of enjoyment out of this movie has already lost a considerable portion of their humanity.
The “districts” revolted and so in order to punish them they force them to sacrifice not only the lives of their children, but turn them into animals themselves and throw humanity back into the dark ages of gladiatorial combat.  Not just any combat mind you; No, they had the bright idea to put children on display fighting each other to the death.  And if that’s not insulting enough, let’s throw in a festival of plastic, painted people reveling in the debasement with caustically pathetic caricatures of humanity running the place…
Nice.  Who thought this was a quality film worth making? Probably the same people who enjoy the sadistic creations of tormented kinds such as the Texas chainsaw massacre or the many ignominious iterations of SAW…
I am horrified that our society would not only watch such pathetic trash, but would support it in the theaters to the point of making it an “acclaimed” success.  Like those people giving acclaim here are any better than tinfoil crumpled mockeries of humanity.  Hollywood has always shined as the gleaming beacon of stupidity, but in this movie they have outdone themselves in stooping to all new lows.
As always, just my view from the cheap seats…
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