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My first 10 minutes with iOS 7

OK, first impressions…


When the first image the iOS7 shows me after the initial load is “hello “in every language except English until the very last; My first thought is “Wow! Putting America last?  What kind of statement is that supposed to make?”  But then I turn it off and I realize that it Started with the English Hello, I just missed that half second window.  Now I feel sufficiently rebuked…


Then I see the prompt to swipe to complete the setup.  Setup? Ah crap!  I have to input all my stuff again!  And true enough you go through all the settings…  Looks like all my music and stuff is toast.


Spotlight has moved, it tells me.  Yeah-yeah, so swiping down instead of left is not exactly earth shattering.  Right away I notice everything is a mix of sickly pastels and bright colors now too, just like the latest remake of Microsoft’s…  well, everything.  The message, phone and Facetime icons are now day-glow green; I suppose somehow those had to be highlighted because someone would miss them?


OK,  bluetooth is off by default, so if you had that on you need to enable it again.  Interesting, my Bluetooth device is still connected…  maybe everything is not wiped out like last time…


Passbook has been turned on,  I don’t like that so I turned that off again as before.  It looks like various things, but not everything have had their defaults reset, so it’s probably a good idea to go over all of your settings again and make sure they match what you expect them to be.


My wifi settings and logins are also intact!  So I’m heading over to music to await the good news…  YES! Nothing erased!  OK, now I’m intrigued; last major update everything got tossed out, but this time, it looks like most of my personal stuff was left intact, including my recent notes on the measurements I took last week for an upcoming project which I had forgotten to save before the update.  A most happy circumstance for me.


I don’t know that I like the new mango-on-white theme here in some of the menus, but I suppose I don’t have a choice *sigh.*


A Lot of the icons have lost their former color in favor a black & white theme; ah well, again not something I enjoy personally, but I suppose it’s yet another change I have no control over.  At least it’s on their own icons that got the funky makeover, so everything else looks the same.  I’ll definitely have to change the background though, because the grey-on-grey icons/background thing is giving me a headache.


A call came in, interrupting my tour, but that gave me a chance to look at the new call interface screens,  same general theme, a little more pastel than before, but the buttons are bigger, so I’m sure some folks will appreciate that those are easier to see.


Overall I’m noticing that a lot of the contrast, which used to help things stand out is now gone in favor of the whole web-ishness of the whites and faded greys, but this is making it harder to identify things such as the bar down at the bottom of the phone menu, which used to stand out and now melds into the background with only a feint shade of off-white differentiating it from the main call-list screen I’m currently viewing.  I’m really going to have to get used to this, all these whites with off-whites and greys against faded greys are more than a bit annoying.


No more bars!  Now you have dots! (filled or not filled)


Other than the new cartoony/faded website look, I’m not seeing anything huge here.  I suppose I’ll Have to keep on using it in order to find out if the reported fixes to Siri.  So far though, it has turned “We’ll see how it goes” was turned into “Holatee Health Services.”  Maybe I was talking too fast?  Next try:  “So I suppose we’ll have to see how it goes”  turned into “I suppose Roxio toast.”  Apparently this still needs work…


Texts are definitely easier to read, so I can see some benefit to the new color scheme in some places, but in others it’s just plain annoying.  Themes anyone?


Alright, so that’s my impression from my first ten minutes with the new iOS 7 which just hit today.


Just my view from the cheap seats…

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