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Remembrance day: 9-11

9/11 is a day to remember, to remind us of who we are and who we’ve lost, not just on this day 12 years ago, but in every battle fought for God and country before or since.


It is a day in which we bow our heads in prayer for those who lost their lives and loved ones; also for those who suffered as well as those who willingly sacrificed.  For the healing of wounds both external and internal, for peace, and for what justice is possible.


This day is yet another reminder for us to give thanks to those around us who serve or have served, and to remember their families who serve and sacrifice in support of them as well. A day that should drive us to continue to remember them beyond this day and carry it throughout our daily lives.


It is also a poignant reminder that for many, those sacrifices do not end when they leave the battlefield or when the war is over.  They and their families continue to pay a heavy personal toll each and every day as the road to recovery continues to be difficult, both physically and emotionally.


And once those prayers are said and you rise from bended knee; stand tall and proud!  Breathe in the air of freedom paid for in full by our courageous few.  Cheer their courage, compassion and honor as intensely as you rejoice in your heart for the fact that by the grace of God and through the strength of their courage; you remain free, as God meant you to be.


And as we move on with our daily lives as we must; let us not forget the hard lessons we’ve learned, whatever those may be.  Remember the price we collectively paid, lest we take too quickly to war.


Acknowledge too what freedoms we have lost, whether it was out of fear, or self preservation, or simply because our minds were on the very real challenges at hand:  Together we handed our freedoms over to a government who now keeps a much closer watch on them than we had ever imagined.  Let’s not forget to take those freedoms back again with our voices and our votes before they are lost for good.


Truly a day of Remembrance:

It is good to be thankful, to remember those things that make us who we are as a nation and to reflect on the good.


And yet, some small part of me can’t help but give thanks for fish bait too…

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