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Obamacare circling the drain

A while back (Mid 2012) I made several observations about the impending Obamacare and how it would negatively affect businesses as a whole and people individually.  Let’s take a look today at where things are and how much of those predictions have come true:


Businesses are declaring they will cut healthcare completely from their workforce because it will be cheaper to pay the tax imposed for not providing healthcare.  Yes, I said “Tax,” because the Supreme court has defined this as a tax.


Businesses are cutting full time workers down to under 30 hours per week in order to avoid the healthcare requirements altogether.


Labor Unions have finally realized they got shafted and are clambering for exemptions to Obamacare and demand Obama fix it.


Personally, my healthcare costs are more than doubling and the amount of coverage is dropping dramatically come January.


Nobody knows what the insurance co-ops will bring because the federal government has yet to release any significant detail about the rules governing it or how they will be administering it.


The Obama administration just admitted last week that 5 additional Obamacare programs have failed to meet their deadlines and may not be ready for the January 1st Deadlines.


The mandatory requirement for businesses to provide healthcare has been delayed until 2015 because the government has failed to adequately prepare for the program’s administrative requirements and also due to widespread public backlash over the poor execution of the program thus far.


Inexplicably, the personal mandate has not been similarly delayed…


I personally know of at least 5 local medical specialists who will be closing their doors come January 1st because they do not want to deal with the burden of the vast increase in paperwork and legal hurdles involved in providing continuing care through their own private practice.  Their services will no longer be available to the public, as they will become members of the local hospital staff and will not be taking patients outside of those they are assigned at the hospital.


I have found reports that although new patients are expected to begin showing up at Dr. Offices,  existing covered patients can no longer afford the increased premiums and will be showing up far lees often than before.


Over the past few years, the Obama administration has held The UK’s socialized medicine up as a shining example of how healthcare should be run and last week a report surfaced that 1,300 people have died after the government program deemed them fit to go back to work and removed medical treatment from them.  Another 2200 people died while their medical treatment was put on hold pending such a review.   Yes, the government run system decided (without Doctors) when medical coverage could be stopped and when a patient can be considered to be fully recovered.


This is the stated goal of the Obama administration:  This is the paragon of medical treatment in store for you and this shows exactly how the death panels will operate, telling you and your doctors how you medical treatment should proceed.


Nobody needs Radio or TV talking heads to show them how bad this is going to get.  Nobody needs to listen to the Tea party or follow anyone else’s evaluation of how deadly Obamacare is going to be to the general public overall.


It’s not that complicated.


I’m nobody special, and if I can figure this out and see where this is going, so can you!  All I show you are the facts readily accessible via the internet from credible sources throughout the nation and the Obama administration’s own information releases.


All it takes is for you to pay attention to what is happening around you.  Ask the hard questions and pay attention to the answers.  Take a look at how the healthcare system is begin torn apart piece by piece until you will have nothing left to depend upon except the federal government; that same government which continues to spy on you in violation of every federal law there is.


Today the NSA admitted that it’s agents have been spying on their own friends, family and enabling their own personal vendettas under the auspices of their sanctioned powers.  This is the government we voted to depend upon for our medical care.


Hope your vote was worth it…


Just my view from the cheep seats.  -Bob Duker

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