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Memorial day: Our Living Tributes

Another Memorial Day is here, and I think back on friends I have lost who served.  I remember standing in front of my father’s coffin and the vault engraved with the Navy Cross he was so very proud of.  I remember Sgt Mulkern’s bagpipes, Stripe’s crooked smile and SSgt Arnold’s tortured grin…


When I was young, I looked into the eyes of uncle Bill who; when an old Army buddy would come by would get a pained look in his face when they talked about Vietnam & Korea…  Remembering the friends they lost there.


I thank God that such people exist who dedicate their lives to serving others.  You hear this phrase now and again and many people just blow it off, but truly a Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  It blows me away that so many people just don’t understand the mind blowing gravity of such a gift as that.  Sure, they mouth the words on Memorial day, or now, they “like” a memorial page and consider their penance for the year finished.


Think for yourself for a moment; what would it take for you to decide to give your life for someone else?  What situation would have to exist before you give your life for your wife?  For your child?  Consider the earth-shattering decision that would have to be…


Now come full circle and appreciate the fact that men and women you have never met and will never know have already done that very thing for you.


So many lives…

So much sacrifice…

So freely given…


To you, a complete stranger they gave this gift, because they have paid the bill for this “Grateful nation.”


On the dedication and sacrifice of these brave souls has our nation been founded, and each generation finds new brave souls who rise above the malaise of their times to be exceptional and stand as beacons of light amongst the snowflake generation that holds very little respect for them.


Be bold in your admiration for them.  Memorialize them not only for this one day, but for all time.


When you see a Veteran at a cemetery today visiting old friends, or a family huddled around the resting place of a loved one; or a soldier’s widow trying to hold it together on a day when everyone reminds her of the husband she lost…  Consider that those people are still giving to you.  Their sacrifice still lives on in their heart and their grief too is still providing payment in full for your freedom.  Those living tributes to the bravery of their beloved souls deserve your admiration as well.  They are still here; still paying for that sacrifice; still holding on to the memories they shared with those who gave all for God and country.


These too are our cherished souls; deserving of your admiration, but asking for none of it…


Their daily lives a tribute to their beloved fallen, on this Memorial Day.


God Bless.

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