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The Face of Intolerance in America

Homophobia.   A phrase first coined by psychologist George Weinberg, and first published in a porn magazine.  There is not now and never has been any such a clinical diagnosis in use on actual real patients.  Created out of the imagination of one man in the 60’s, the term was concocted in an effort to sell a book Mr. Weinberg penned that claimed the world at large suffered from a paralyzing irrational fear of gay people even though he himself had not ever treated a single person for this new malady.  LGBT activists immediately seized upon this phrase as an ever-changing verbal weapon to beat those who disagree with them over the head and attempt to chastise them to further their agendas by waging a propaganda & lawsuit wars against everyone who disagrees with their particular lifestyle choices.

At first homophobia meant one thing, but since nobody was in treatment anywhere for cowering in fear at the thought of meeting a gay person the phrase had to be “adjusted” to cover more ground and encompass everyone who espoused traditional values, and so 75% of the world instantly became “homophobic,” even though the term’s meaning now resembles nothing like the initial clinical term created to market Mr. Weinberg’s otherwise unremarkable book.  LGBT activists then began to try to publicly shame and sue anyone with a traditional outlook, because traditional, and normal suddenly became terms of evil.

Nobody should ever have to apologize for being normal; and yes there is such a thing as normal.  It’s not a bad word or a tool of evil; it’s a fact.  Most people are normal and to change that word to any other word is simply pointless.  They live their lives the normal way and figure things out one day at a time.  Normal:  Meaning conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern; occurring naturally, free from mental illness : mentally sound; nothing out of the ordinary, commonplace, typical.   More than 95% of the world lives this way, yet if we are to believe the LGBT activists, we are all wrong, and less than 4% of the population claiming LGBT status MUST become the arbiters of the new normal, or our only other choice is to eliminate the word normal altogether so that we can pretend that their lifestyle has always been an aberration in society as a whole.

Now here is where we need to take a step back.  Just because someone like me objects to the alternative lifestyles, does not mean by default I must be unreasonably afraid of them, or even hate or despise them.  That common misconception is all part of the myth and lie that LGBT activists would like you to believe.  “Hate the sin, Love the sinner,”  my Lutheran Pastor used to say…   These LGBT people have a heavy burden that they carry, and we should all treat them with kindness and compassion.  That does not mean that we should surrender our way of life wholly to them as they attempt to remake society in their own image.  I do not, nor do most people; fear or hate LGBT people.  Their own hatred of traditional values has been the engine of change in our modern world and the fear of being sued by LGBT activists has engineered fear-based changes throughout our society.  So who’s “Creating fear?”

The powerful ideal they use as an effective weapon is LGBT-Lawsuit-aversion.  Now that’s a real fear; that’s a real thing in society today and affects real people’s lives.  The reasoned fear of being sued by targeted LGBT litigants that engineer phony situations designed for no other reason than to file lawsuits against people minding their own business, living out their own quiet lives in a way that LGBT activists don’t agree with.  It is the LGBT activists who are weaponizing hate & spreading fear, anguish, suffering and rabid intolerance on behalf of the LGBT community.

I have lived with gay family members all of my life, and I love them for being who they are, not what they do.  I simply disagree with some of their choices in life and I hope and pray that they find the kind of peace their hearts truly need.  People can have have compassionate disagreements on difficult subjects like this, but that isn’t enough for some people who must punish everyone around them for daring to have a different point of view.  This is the exact kind of intolerant hatred that was waged against them so many years ago, and now they too have emerged to become the very same kind of people they feared and despised so long ago.

The vast majority of the LGBT community are good decent people who simply want to be left alone, and treated in a decent manner by everyone around them.  The community I grew up in where pride parades were conducted in fear of physical harm, those people hoped for a day when they could live without fear.  They never wanted to become the source of that same fear, yet it has been their own compatriots who have now become the engines of fear hatred throughout America.

My mother, the humble marriage & family therapist who devoted some 35 years of her life to helping the San Diego LGBT community from within, who selflessly gave of herself to that cause & who insisted upon attending the pride parade from a wheelchair while still recovering from a massive stroke; that tower of compassion and generosity who often gave her last dollar to those in need in her community would sooner see peace and tranquility, and just shakes her head at what that movement she believed in for so very long has now become known for.

Community members like her generally decry the activists who now use that same weapon in their name.  That same weapon which was used against them in the past is now wielded in the name of the LGBT community against the public at large, because they have now become that which they feared most those many years ago; the LGBT community has itself become known as the engine of hate and intolerance that was at one time the bane of their own existence.  The LGBT movement has become the very evil they started out fighting.  Hateful, unbending, intolerant, spiteful and vengeful in the extreme; stopping at nothing to force their will upon anyone and everyone.

The face of intolerance in America:  LGBT activists themselves.


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