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The Old Racism Made New: Compassion is the Answer

In today’s world we hear a lot about inclusivity and diversity coming from what has become a more socialist and aggressive left, but what comes with that is a new racism and bigotry against conservative religions and now white folks. The racism represented by CRT & 1619 is simply just more of the same. The KKK influenced what was taught in schools in their day, white supremacists claimed that people of color were inherently inferior, and that exact message is now coming from the corrupted BLM movement, Antifa terrorists and their adoring fans in the Democratic party.

The new virulent strain of bigoted racism has been festering in our schools for years, it’s in the workplace and most especially in the media & entertainment, yet all of us are expected to ignore the history that is being repeated, the old atrocities of the KKK are now being recycled & played out by Democrat politicians & BLM companies while they steal donations to purchase mansions all over the world. Antifa is still roaming the streets attacking folks who disagree with them while their adoring fans in the Democrat party keep pushing us to eliminate the very law enforcement that is charged with keeping us safe.

Large corporations are being manipulated and blackmailed into jumping aboard the woke express just to keep from being targeted, and they have now become part and parcel of the problem.

Hatred is a very bad thing for any society, & inventing new hatreds while claiming to be championing equality has become the expected norm. Hatred is now being leveraged against anyone who dares disagree with the woke movement’s fantasy ideology and while they do that they aggressively attack women’s rights, freedom of speech, the 2nd amendment and all reverence for the sanctity of life itself.

The key is not to hate back, but to respond with caring and understanding while taking steps to support those leaders that continue to stand for the same ideals this country was founded upon. That caring-first attitude is also a key component of Christianity in general: Love they neighbor. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “love the person, not the actions.” For some reason that concept is egregious to them because it ignores their self-endowed victimhood. That feels empty and pointless if nobody’s attacking you, so they create new “reasons” to be offended in order to keep their victimhood fresh and new.

These people cannot be reasoned with, they hold their beloved victim status close to their heart, never to let it go until the world around them has been burned to the ground and remade in the image of their twisted fantasies.

So love your neighbor, promote compassion and respect for one another, and stand up for what you know is right and good. You don’t have to scream and fight those who hate you, you simply need to not bow down to their bigotry & racism and continue to live the life God gave you with kindness and respect while you promote the principles you know to be right and true by simply living them. Live your conservatism every day and show by your own compassionate example; the content of your character.

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