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Obituary: The demise of a once glorious California

I was born and raised In the City of Orange California, my family has lived there since 1910 and my great grandfather built St. John’s Lutheran Church where my grandfather, father and I were raised, confirmed and married.  I grew up believing in the California of achievable dreams, of justice, honor, freedom, fairness and respect.


Today, the State of California is destitute and void of all morality and decency.  In its school children are forced to learn a concocted gay and transgender history, and are forced to endure the indecent whims of confused minds as even the privacy of bathrooms is no longer protected.  These actions are all designed to erode the moral fiber of your children from a young age because activists know, that once you change the minds and hearts of the children through a constant bombardment of propaganda and lies, you have captured the will and enslaved the minds of our future generations and turned them against you; just like the Nazis did in World War 2.


Where is the ACLU now?


Who will protect the right of your children to remain unmolested by perverted intentions?


Why are Al Sharpton,  Jesse Jackson and a host of other “advocates” standing by silently as the moral fiber of an entire state is decimated before our eyes?  Is it because they believe that Morality is no longer a Christian virtue?  Have they abandoned the religious Christian titles they proclaim to the world so proudly and boastfully?  Are their beliefs only relevant when it fills their pockets?


Have we turned our backs on common decency?

Cry out, for the death of morality!


Have we spat on the face of Justice and honor?

Cry out for the death of the rule of law!


Have we become a nation of craven despots?

Cry out for the death of self-respect!


Have we turned our backs on the God of our forefathers?

Cry out for the death of faith!


Have we abandoned the nature of our own creation to twist and pervert our minds and bodies?

Cry out for the death of our collective humanity!


Have we abandoned our own self-respect and allowed activists championing the perversion of our children to corrupt and beguile the young, innocents hearts of our children?

Cry out for the death of California!


Cry out, for the loss of all of these ideals as they are all  under assault and the people your trusted to keep you safe, to protect your rights, to champion your beliefs are asleep at the wheel of an aimless vehicle doomed to plunge of the oncoming cliff!


The warning signs are all here and the good people of California have studiously ignored all of them and have allowed this to happen once again as it has happened too many times before in the history of our world.  This same game plan which is now firmly in place in California, a deceptively sunny place where owning guns to protect yourself is criminalized, where law enforcement’s hands are tied so tightly they bleed with frustration as Illegal immigrants and potheads roam the streets free of fear of either justice or due consequences.


Where free speech is only authorized if you are not a Christian, or a conservative.


Where the people can vote 75% to curb illegal immigration and watch their will crushed to dust under the political manipulations of a judicial appointee who owes allegiance to special interests.


Where the people can vote together overwhelmingly to protect the divine institution of marriage and watch their voice gagged and their will  routinely thwarted by activist judges and public servants who stand idly by and refuse to defend the will of the people who put them in office.


Where “Normal” is a curse word and a desire for decency is considered to be fringe and extreme.


Where even Psychology has been twisted and contorted by militant activists who steadily chip away year after year at the foundations of sound principals of diagnosis and treatment until they fail to resemble any similarity to the scientific research and evidence that used to be its foundation until we are left with nothing more than a support system for the confused; designed to keep them confused as long as it “Feels right” or helps you maintain your delusion that your special brand of perversion is acceptable, good and natural even though nature has to be ignored in order to do so.


The good people of California have indeed stood by and done nothing.  They have sat stagnant and silent as their rights have been taken away, their beliefs ridiculed and their standards of conduct destroyed.  Good men and women have stood by, time after time after repeated time and done nothing.


They have put back into the Governor’s mansion one of the very people who started the state down the path of ruin decades ago with blithe ignorance and are now reaping the rewards of their stupidity.


They can keep their broke economy.


They can keep their gang-ridden murder capitols where nobody feels safe but where defending yourself is nearly criminal itself, unless of course you happen to be a privileged politician such as Diane Feinstein and you can ignore it all to keep a concealed weapon for yourself while banning everyone else from doing so.


They can keep their I-Owe-U sate paychecks.


They can keep their insane regulations that strangle business to death until they flee the state and take the jobs with them.


They can keep bi-curious children’s bathrooms!


They can keep their Marijuana-ridden life-wasting intolerance of Christianity or of anyone else who stands by their belief in anything they don’t agree with.


They can keep their Gay unions disguised as a marriage, as if by calling it something good and decent will make their perversion to appear to be good and decent as well.

I was one of countless hundreds of thousands of people who fled this despoiled state whose people have stopped fighting and have rolled over in defeat.


The state of California has abandoned all that is good and decent in the world and has adopted the guise of a the twisted perverted clown, gambling to a garish song without tune or melody, rhyme or rhythm; lost in the mad musings of some imagined dream all the while attempting to scratch his own back with a self severed hand in the hope that at some point it will move of it’s own accord and scratch that nagging itch he can never reach.


My pity flows for the people of California, my sympathy weeps for the children doomed to lives of indoctrination and perversion.  My heart breaks for the loss of their dignity and their souls.  My former home, my former heartland, torn asunder and despoiled beyond recognition.

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3 thoughts on “Obituary: The demise of a once glorious California

  1. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. That's why I got out of there when I was 19 and except for a business stint back in SF for a few years, I've got no interest in ever going back. In the 80's it was a red state and in 86 with the amnesty bill under Reagan illegals flooded in and liberals took over. Now they've created the worst economic disaster in the country and they're just putting their foot on the gas harder! It's amazing how "progressives" can destroy something so good so quickly…buy hey, look at what they're doing right now to the rest of the country….

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