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Memorial Day: 2015

A time to remember and reflect:


Remember those veterans still waiting too long to get the care they need from a broken and corrupt VA system.


Remember those veterans who still wake up in the middle of the night seeing the faces of their brothers and sisters who died in the field of battle.


Remember the folded flags of our fathers that sit on the mantle to remind us of the price they paid and the pride they felt.


Remember the pain that family members of veterans still feel because they will never again see the faces of their loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Remember the pride of being a citizen of the greatest nation this world has ever seen.


Remember Iraq, Afghanistan, the Twin Towers, Beirut, Vietnam, Korea, Pearl Harbor, Europe, Gettysburg, and Yorktown just to name a few.


All through the ages our proud men & women have served and fought as well as did their families who also served by supporting them. From the first forays of the American Revolution, through the most recent sorties in Iraq & Afghanistan; admire and remember those who stood and those who continue to stand tall for their country. They were and are our bravest and boldest; the best our country has to offer.


My father served just a few years in the Navy during which he never saw a combat. He simply served his time and seemingly moved on with life. But the pride in those years of service was so ingrained in his soul that nearly 50 years later he insisted upon being buried under the Navy Cross.


When I watched that lid close, and I held my father’s folded flag for the first time I couldn’t help but feel a bit of that pride as well; because while my father raised me from a boy, the Armored Cavalry made me into the man that shaped who I have become today. Though like my father before me, I served my time during peace and moved on; I learned to appreciate more deeply those who served in fields of battle sacrificing far more than I can ever imagine.


Those are my heroes: Those people are my role models and no matter what direction my life takes I will always hold them up as the pinnacles of our society and strive to live my life in emulation of that kind of integrity and determination.

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