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The ins and outs of Climate Science: Scientists being less than scientific.

Have you tried to search for the word climate change lately?  Or global warming?  You will notice two things, the UN has completely canvassed the entire internet with its climate change dogma.  Also notice the Global warming is no longer used, because the global temperatures have tended to stop rising in the late 90’s, so that name became difficult to swallow, so in order to keep peddling the sky-is falling rhetoric, they changed the name to climate change.  Nobody can deny that the climate changes right? And what better way to hide the fallacies in their own arguments than to begin to claim that periods of cooling are also a symptom of climate change? 

There’s several problems with this:  The IPCC report of 2007 that started the real frenzy at the UN, began as a declaration that there existed no conclusive proof that man has any effect on global warming, but just before the paper was submitted to the UN, one single paragraph in the report was changed to declare that there was conclusive evidence that man caused global warming.  Aside from that, the UK scientists at the center of that report declared that they came to no such conclusion themselves.  Add to that an interesting fact that hundreds of climatologists named as participants of this report knew nothing about their participation and later petitioned to be removed from it because they did not agree with its findings.  Did you realize that the IPCC consists of only 10 full time staff?


Since I’m not a climatologist, let’s look at what climatologists have to say on the subject:

Wow!  Here’s some prominent scientists who claim that high CO2 emissions actually HELP the planets plant life to flourish even better than before and cite natural causes as the major contributor to global warming.  There’s more to it than that, but this Nongovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Notice nongovernmental, that means they are competent enough to not have to work for the government and can survive on their own)

By the way, searching Google, it only took 14 pages of listings UN dogma and media reporting only on UN dogma to get to this article, so apparently there’s a lot to be said for controlling the conversation, and that type of manipulation of the Climate Change discussion is very evident to me at least.


Oh here’s a whopper:

The eruption of volcano Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 caused the “Year Without Summer” because of global cooling.  Due to the destruction of crops, disease, contamination of water, etc., tens of thousands more died in the next few following years. (once again global warming is better than global cooling)

“In 1991 Volcano Pinatubo caused the entire earth to cool by 1/2 degree for over one year.”

Anyone observe that this is more of a temperature variation caused by a single natural event than all of mankinds efforts to damage the planet have been able to make over the past 50 years?  In the face of such evidence of the inadequacy of the impact humans make on the planet as a whole, how impudent are we to believe we can affect the planet so drastically.  Kind of rings true of medieval times when man thought he was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around us…

 Now, if the fact aren’t lining up in your favor, let’s play with the numbers some more!!  Let’s see how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) changed all of its temperature recording methods to exclude all of the cooler recording stations reducing the number of temperature recording stations from 6000 to under 1500 in order to skew every temperature reports higher between 1990 and 2010!  Yeah for science!!  In this report it shows that in New Zealand, half of the data was removed in order to show a temperature increase where the overall temperature actually decreased.   Once again, Scientists are human, so as a general rule, science is not as cut and dry as we are lead to believe as long as somebody is there to make things work in their favor.  No, scientists can’t be greedy or anything, right?  (they are human) oh yeah, almost forgot that…  And wait,  no! say it aint so!  NASA’s National Climate Data Center gets their data from these monitoring stations too? 

Oh hey!  Here’s one!  NASA (yup, same folks getting their data from the false monitor readings) *Gasp* changed the temperature numbers to make global warming more plausible:  Naw, no government agency would ever cheat in order to remain relevant!  I guess NOAA tampering with the temperature monitor stations wasn’t enough for NASA…


And here’s more recent evidence that the medieval warming period shoots an interesting hole in the whole human-caused global warming craze: (much over-hyped in this report) in their study, (link below) they found a warming period at the Antarctic that correlates with the Medieval warming period, which IPCC climatologists dismissed as being a local temperature fluctuation only recorded within the small area of Europe.  Now, I’m no genius, but if the same warming period was found to have occurred in Antarctica during the medieval warming period recorded in Europe, one could reasonably deduce that there was more to the medieval warming period data than has been suggested by the IPCC or its affiliates in the EPA so far.  Besides, if the medieval warming period were a fact, most of the global warming craze would be pointless…  Unless of course we ar to believe that there were now two, isolated warming periods in two isolated areas of the planet thousands of miles away at the same point in time… 

The actual study:


I know PETA had to get involved somewhere:  eating meat causes global warming folks!  Ah, wait, that report was faked…


In 2010 it was found that UN researchers (IPCC) who produced the “UN’s landmark Climate change research” were hedging their findings by including 5600 findings that were subjected to no peer review at all and were taken as fact by the UN without going through the standard peer review process which is the scientific community’s gold standard of vetting phony research.


I’m no genius, but haven’t we all been here before? They found whole intact villages below the English Channel indicating the sea levels used to be WAY LOWER than they are now and *gasp* the world didn’t end then either! And hold on a sec:  No factories to blame for it…

One last thought:  According to records, the ocean has risen 2.2” in the last 20 years, and if this trend continues, the sea will have risen a total of about 12” by the year 2100.  I think 100 years is Plenty of time for folks to pack up and move a few yards inland, you think?  I still don’t see the emergency here…  for crying out loud, the Dutch have been living below sea level for hundreds of years, you think we might be able to do as well as those in medieval times who had only mud and rocks to keep the sea at bay? 

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