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Boehner retreats on taxes

Today, House Speaker Boehner sounded the clarion call for a full retreat on the conservative’s no tax pledge. According to Fox News and Politico, House Speaker Boehner has declared that if you make $1 million or more, you need to pay higher taxes.

If you happen to work for one of those people, get ready for job cuts. If you were hoping for a job opening with one of those people, forget-about-it. This represents the first step in a full WWII, France-style full retreat on tax increases and a considerably flagrant slap in the face to all conservatives throughout the country.

The GOP good-ole-boy network is selling us up the river and they’re all set to repeat history in horse-trading a tax increase now, for the hope of spending cuts that may happen in the future. In the tradition of Popeye’s Blimpy, (I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today), The House Speaker is set to allow a tax hike go through without first getting the drastic spending cuts this country so desperately needs.

Remember “Read my lips: No new taxes!” That marked the second time in recent memory that Republicans traded favors with the Democrats and the Democrats stuck a knife in their backs after raising taxes. President Bush Sr. gave in on his public pledge for the god of the country as long as Democrats allowed deep spending cuts to pass through congress that would have more than offset the new taxes, but the tax hikes made it in first, and the cuts were halted and killed the second the tax hikes were signed into law.

Remember the President Reagan illegal alien amnesty? He too was promised something: Sealing the southern border was the promise congressional Democrats wooed him with that year and we all know where that went.

Time and time again Republicans have fallen for the same tired Punch and Judy routine and every time we all end up with a fat lip for our troubles.

Way to go Republican members of Congress! Way to sucker punch everyone who voted for you this year. Way to betray the hopes and dreams of every conservative across the nation just so that you don’t appear to be the bad guy!

How long do you think the people of this country will allow you to disappoint them? How many times do we have to vote you into office just to watch you turn you back on the people who trusted in you?


As always, Just my view from the cheep seats…

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