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Dear Republicans: Get a clue!

Dear Republicans:


Stop milling about as if your head has just been lopped off and find your backbone!

OK, that may be considered a bit severe by some folks, but the message is nonetheless quite poignant for our current circumstances. 

Ever since the election, House & Senate Republicans have been falling over themselves in a headlong rush to placate the Obama administration, the media and the democrat party members apparently hoping for a scrap or two to fall from their table.  Scraps that they hope and pray they can cling to.  It’s sickening to see and read about.  It’s like watching one of those old movies where the General goes down and the entire army loses their minds in fear as they run around aimlessly while being slaughtered all the quicker for their panic. 

Why has the Republican leadership suddenly begun to announce their willingness to consider every  concession they can think of including turning their backs on some of the core principals of conservatism?  Because they are acting like scared mindless children who lost their mommy and now all they can do is whimper and grovel at the feet of Obama. 

When Romney failed to win the Presidency he was viciously ostracized by every Republican opportunist with access to a microphone, leaving the republican congress to follow House Speaker John Boehner in his full retreat from conservatism while showing his slavish eagerness to jump in front of every camera in America for a chance to give away every piece of negotiating leverage to the Obama administration before the conversation even begins over the fiscal cliff negotiations.

And who thought up that fiscal cliff nonsense anyway?  Put an election in front of them and they nearly drool over themselves in their eagerness to slap a bandaid on the situation till after the election; as if putting it off ever solves anything.  That should have been our warning of things to come, starting the election cycle by cowering away from making hard decisions and leaving them for later.


So, on to the failed Presidential election:

Is this really Romney’s fault?  Should he take the blame?  From where Isit I really don’t think so.  He ran an exceptional campaign, so why didn’t he win?  It’s very simple, because true conservatives could not get excited over the prospect of another McCain.  The prospect of another middle of the road, neoconservative appealed to the establishment because they are stuck in the mindset that in order to win elections you have to abandon your principals and squat squarely in the middle of any debate, hoping that on election day more table crumbs in the form of undecided voters fall your way and carry them to victory.   

It has been said that a sure sign of insanity is to continually repeat the same actions over and over again while expecting a different result each time.  So here we are:  Once again reeling from a blow to the head we inflicted upon ourselves by smashing it repeatedly against the same brick wall we have hit over and over again.  So we failed with McCain and then promptly pick a second moderate?  Really?  The Tea Party movement didn’t wake anyone up at all?

Will we ever learn?  The Republican party has stuck their heads in the sand and stubbornly ignored the conservative uprising that created the Tea Party and together we all collectively strode down the primrose path to select the most moderate candidate of the bunch.  I’m not the only one who rang the warning bells, calling for a conservative nominee, it was plain for everyone to see that Romney won the nomination by outspending the true conservatives 10-to 1.  He essentially bought the nomination with the backing of the Republican establishment elite.  An elite who have completely lost touch with the people who put them there and continue to wander around in a haze of self aggrandizement which has lead to its natural end at total narcissistic self delusion.

Romney is not to blame; he did his best, ran a good race and did everything a good establishment candidate was expected to do.  Unfortunately for us, the establishment expected their candidate to give up his principals to play a role.  He put up a show to be something he was not. It was in fact, quite the balancing act; being careful not to appear too conservative to curry the favor of the center-leaning left and undecided voters while at the same time appealing to the conservatives by pretending to champion core conservative values (taking his past record into account) which he has never believed in.  It’s a difficult task for a moderate to pretend to be a conservative pretending to be a moderate; hoping that nobody can see the strings being held by the moderate establishment awash in the glow of their own supposed cleverness.

OK,  (sorry for the tangent here, but…) what kind of person can truly be that undecided anyway? How does one accomplish the seemingly impossible task of ignoring all of the implications of every argument and still find themselves unable or unwilling to pick a side?  Why is this country repeatedly reduced to pandering to the lowest common denominator of our society, namely those too indecisive to make up their minds after being bombarded on all sides by every message covering every issue from every candidate?  No wonder our country has fallen so low so quickly; we continue to pander and drool at the feet of those least equipped to make an intelligent decision.

The only thing that the establishment of the Republican party can claim today that they have achieved in the past 8 years is that they have succeeded in ignoring every conservative voice screaming for a change of direction in the Republican party and in the process, tearing down the American dream through their devotion to mediocre leadership and an utter failure to defend and champion the core conservative principals they are supposed to represent and champion.


Today, as a lifelong Republican I am utterly disgusted that my party has abandoned their core values; my party has abandoned their dedication for a better future through American exceptionalism by bowing to mediocrity.  I grieve for our future as our moral foundations crumble and give way to government sanctioned depravity.  The Republican party has abandoned its calling, has thrown down its mandate from the people and has abandoned them all in search of fleeting fame, power and self gratification. The devotion I have given them, the years I have served my country, the trust I put in their honesty and integrity lay withered and dying in streets paved by their marked indifference.  Shame I feel, for falling for their foolishness; shame I feel for my past dependence upon such as they have become; shells of their former selves, lost in the morass of their own making.  The Republican party has become the party of fools; of misbegotten despots void of either clarity of purpose or moral integrity and worst of all, they have forgotten how to believe in hope, charity and goodness, or in the ability of Americans to build their own dreams and fight their own fights, enable their own victories as long a government truly of the people simply got out of the way and stopped being a roadblock to the rebuilding of America.

I refuse to be cowed by fearful activists, throwing labels as their only weapons:  I am not a homophobe, I respect anyone’s right to be as confused and misguided as they wish to be as long as they don’t demand special privileges based on their own choices.  I am also not an extremist, the founding fathers espoused the same principals I believe in and upon which this nation was founded.  I am not a label, a banner or a bumper sticker slogan.  I am not a republican or an independent or a tea partier.  I am simply an American in the proud tradition of Lincoln, Reagan, Jefferson, Adams and Washington.  I am of a conservative mind, and I await someone bold enough, honest enough and willing to claim that calling; the calling to once again lead good people to a better America where freedom means the freedom to fail or succeed only such person as that will earn the vote of this American.  Until then, I hold my vote for those who truly earn it:  Not by a pretty slogan nor a calculated turn of phrase or slight of hand behind which their true purpose remains hidden.  A true leader of principle speaks from the heart, from virtue, dignity and good honest devotion to the people of this great Nation.  I wait for that person to make me believe again, to hope again and to trust again.


Just my humble view from high up in the cheap seats…  Waiting…

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