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Why critiques are so critical

I’ve been thinking about articles that I’ve been writing and I can’t help but reflect upon how so many of them are criticisms of politicians, of products or companies etc. Taking it all in could lead one to believe that my view of life in general is not a happy one, but rather one bereft of joy or love.

This would be wrong.

What motivates me to write most often is what stirs me to shout out, to say my piece in a way that is constructive and worthwhile; it replaces the anger one normally feels at finding that you have been cheated, tricked or otherwise maligned. It channels the indignation that arises when you witness someone doing something or representing something that is wrong or a representation of evil in our world. It also becomes the outlet for expressing opinions about events and people who I believe to be doing harm to the world we live in.

There are people and organizations in this world that have forgotten how to treat others with the dignity and humanity and when I become aware of those either through personal experience or research, I feel the need to write about them here and sometimes in other places regardless of whether it is read or ignored. I write about them because, like many things in the world around us, I cannot change them myself and am drawn to express my displeasure in a constructive way that perhaps touches others who may at some point share my concerns and decide to do something about it.

My writings do not reflect the course of my life, they merely reflect the course of my writing. When truly amazing things happen in my life, I rarely write about them because I simply take them in, experience them and thank God for the opportunity. I need no outlet to express my joy other than my family and friends. My wife and children are the canvass my heart paints upon, the outlet for my happiness and the reflection of my soul. I expend my passion upon them and soak in the radiance of my heart shining through their smiling eyes.

So if you wonder why these articles seem to be critical and thought-provoking in a challenging sort of way, it is because I care about the topics I write about, and wish to comment on those things that I see need attention and repair.

A reflection of my critique of the world around me and of my personal experiences? Yes, it is most definitely that among other things, but too it is not nearly the half of my life and not reflective of the sum total of who I choose to be.

That being said, I realize that I need to set a goal of balancing my writing to include a certain amount of positive articles about things in life that are not quite so negative. To share a bit of the joy I find life every day would be worth sharing as well.

And now that I think on this, I hear my girls giggling in the bedroom with their Mom, so I think I’ll reflect on this more another time. Perhaps an article or two may reflect that as well…

Just my view from the cheap seats.

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