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President Obama’s double-eagle salute.

President Obama just flipped you the bird, now what?

Today the Supreme Court ruled on the Arizona immigration bill.  (found here: No surprises there:  Some portions of the bill were struck down and one key provision was allowed to remain.  What is surprising though, (Shame on me, I should know better by now right?) is the gigantic middle finger that Obama just sent to all of us by way of  immediately rescinding the federal 287g program  (  for Arizona.

Akin to the spoiled child who, when told he must play nice, simply picks up the entire game everyone is using and stomps petulantly home, holding the whole thing hostage in the process, President Obama has flipped us all the middle finger and like that petulant child, has picked up his marbles and stomped home to hide behind his precious executive privilege.  The inference here is that any state government who dares to attempt to protect itself from the Illegal alien invasion that has sucked the lifeblood out of our economy will be summarily cut-off from all federal cooperation with Immigration enforcement.

Yeah, no petulance there, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong; slipshod federal enforcement of immigration policies are not new concepts:  The Immigration & Naturalization Service (now part of ICE) has always had major problems enforcing Immigration laws, and not always for the reasons we are publicly told.   In my time serving with the US Customs service back in the late 90’s, I witnessed no less than 10 arrests of Immigration officials for committing felonies involving the abuse, sale or blatant subverting of Immigration laws of one kind or another down on the southern Mexican border South of San Diego.   The level of institutionalized corruption in that particular region within both Customs & the INS was staggering to behold to say the least.   Senator Feinstein was even presented the opportunity to investigate the problem herself, but she refused to get involved, even after the US Customs service paid out more than a million dollars in hushed-up settlements to employees who sued them to expose instances of racial discrimination and corruption in order to make it go away and avoid public exposure.  Branch Chiefs and senior managers were simply quietly retired or moved elsewhere to let things cool off and avoid the light of day.  Punishment for these offences too numerous to count seems to have been a completely foreign concept to them.

I have since worked in several businesses who, upon finding prospective employees in possession of fake green cards, were told to forget it when they contacted their local Immigration offices.  I have also received numerous reports from law enforcement officials within State prisons who report inmates who are discovered to be Illegal aliens get turned away and are forced to let them back into the population when they are released because INS could not be bothered to do their job or even cooperate with those local law enforcement agencies who were willingly doing to do it for them.


What makes this any different then?  Unlike in the past, this time the blatant outstretched double-eagles presented in-your-face is being done on the national stage by our President who has publicly sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States and has now publicly spat upon that very same Constitution and stands defiant, both hands raised with middle fingers high in a defiant double-eagle salute:  Daring all Americans to call him on it because he thinks that he is untouchable, unimpeachable and unbeatable in the public arena.  With the mainstream media staunchly in his corner (Idaho Statesman anyone?) He has pulled the rug out from under every state in the nation and has served public notice that at the merest hint of disagreement with his eminence, President Obama; he will take all his marbles away and summarily punish any State government willing to stand up to him.  This ultimate show of ego and disregard for the rule of federal law is just the latest in a long string of insults to both the American people and the Structural foundation of our great nation; the Constitution of the United States.


Now what will you do about it?


Thank God he has yet to find a way to stuff the voting booths will illegals, but the year is not yet over…



Just my view from the cheap seats.



No mention of the 287g repeal  here:

Nor at CNN:

Nothing about it here either:

“Obama treats for Ice Cream” hit the news, but not the 287g repeal here:

Nothing at ABC either:

Hmmm.  What are these mainstream media outlets trying to tell us?  “Don’t look behind the curtain!”  Or possibly “Nothing to see here!”    No shills for Obama in that list at all…


You will, however find the story here:

And here:

And of course it can be found here:


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  1. how old is the ink on this it dry yet.he spend two million to keep it a secret.why couldn’t he spend a few thousand more to have a phony made up.just wondering why it took so long.he hiding something.what did he sped two million on to keep secret.just wondering again

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