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The second 2012 Presidential debate: Eyeballing it from the cheap seats.

Do we truly need any further examples of media bias?  Is there anyone out there who has not realized that journalists standards are sure and truly dead in the majority of media  outlets in America today?


I watched the debate  Between President Obama & Governor Romney the other day and today I looked for an even-handed response articulating the break-even performances of both participants, but I have yet to find one.


Over at CNN, you’ll have to look very hard to see any mention of how Obama flat-out lied about claiming the assassination of our Ambassador & staff was a terrorist act.  But when Romney geared up to take him to the woodshed, who was standing in his way guarding the backside of her beloved President?  The supposedly unbiased “Moderator” of the debate, Candy.  In fact, you won’t find her admission that she was dead wrong on the facts and dead wrong on interfering with the presidential debate by becoming one of the debaters herself.


To be sure, both the President and Governor Romney had their moments, but on several  occasions, CNN’s newly crowned miscreant; Candy interrupted and bickered with Romney at nearly every point in the delivery of his answers in order to take him off his stride and deflate his message at critical points in the debate.  Debates are about as much about timing and tempo as they are about message, and the CNN “Moderator” on this occasion made every attempt to run interference for the President when it looked like he was about to take a beating.


It has also not escaped many folks attention that most of the questions Candy posed were arrows aimed directly at Governor Romney,  not once did she pose a critical question to her flame’ du jure, President Obama.  I mean really folks, if you are going to make it this easy to spot your attempts at skewing the outcome, you could have been a tad more intelligent about it!


My call from the cheap seats:  the debate performances were about even, but on overall performance, I have to give Romney the edge for debating two people while the President, with Candy’s enthusiastic assistance, got in an extra 2 minutes of speaking time when it was all said and done.  Advantage Romney, for pulling even while debating in a stacked arena with loaded questions and an extra opponent to boot.


Yes, I’m a conservative, but I’m not a journalist either.  I don’t even play one on TV; Candy…

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