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Idaho’s Insurance exchange: Giving the Feds a stick to beat us with?

Idaho has taken the first steps towards creating a health insurance exchange for the state, but many do not agree with this decision.  Let’s take a look at how this looks to be playing out:


The Federal government has yet to define the rules governing the creation of the state health insurance exchanges, or coops.


Why is that?


Well, we learned from the passage of the Obama healthcare tax that our federal government is in the habit of passing half-formed legislation without even reading it, so is it truly a surprise that now all states are being asked in turn to play along without even knowing the ground rules first?


Well, not really…  But aren’t we stuck with it?


Yes, we are truly stuck with it, no matter what we decide to do.  So what do we do?  We decide to go ahead and play the game; toss the dice and see if we can in some way influence how the system affects Idaho by taking part in it ourselves.


But will that truly make any difference?


Sure it will:  Idaho will create it’s health exchange in such a way as to benefit the state as much as possible, but that’s where Idaho (and many other states) gets the shaft.  Since the regulations have never been defined, but the requirement to comply has been inexplicably required prior to the creation of the rules regulating it, the federal government doesn’t ever have to create anything on its own.  They simply sit it out and wait for the states to do the work for them.


OK, so what’s the problem with that?  Doesn’t that mean the state gets more control?


Not in the slightest.  It means that the federal government gets to review all of the built-in protections that all of the states have come up with.  This will then allow them to adjust all of the rules to block or lock down all of those loopholes that the states have so blithely provided them without having to go through congress to make adjustments to the healthcare Tax system.  If they had created the rules and set them down ahead of time, then the states would have some room to benefit from creating and managing these exchanges on their own.  Any loophole discovered would then be much more difficult to adjust to, because that would require changing the healthcare act, and that would require congress to get involved which gives the states a say in how that goes.


So what does this mean to the state of Idaho? (and others)


It means that we have willingly participated in the greatest scam perpetrated on the American people since its founding.  We will have directly supplied all of the ammunition the federal government ever needed to prevent all of the states from having any impact whatsoever and ensure that nothing our state government can come up with will have any impact whatsoever on the implementation or execution of the Obamacare tax (as defined by the Supreme Court) system.


Strategically speaking, it is a very clever manipulation of the states to have them diligently work against themselves before the system even begins to be implemented.


Sadly, our state has seen fit to walk blindly into this particularly transparent trap and ensnare themselves as fully and completely as possible and all of us are going to pay the price for it.  The most intelligent states (34 of them)  have opted to not participate because they acknowledged the futility of handing the federal government a custom made stick to beat us with.


As always, just my view from the cheep seats.

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One thought on “Idaho’s Insurance exchange: Giving the Feds a stick to beat us with?

  1. what about having universal health coverage for all americans, looks like obama care does not fulfill this dream and insurance exchanges are still in flux?

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