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When good men do nothing: Speaker Boehner asleep at the wheel.

There is a time when good men should stand up and say enough is enough.  Today, with new  Government scandals coming to light every day,  I thought that time had come to see this take place and like so many like me, I turned to the good people we elected to see if they would be those good men.

House Speaker John Boehner once again did not rise to that occasion, instead, he backed into the shadows to become an observer as has been his habit over the past few years.  As more and more facts come to light about the massive abuses of power emanating from the Whitehouse, Speaker Boehner becomes less and less involved in the process of leading and more involved in the process of hiding.

It shouldn’t be surprising really,  back during the debate over Obamacare, instead of leading the charge to defund it as a majority of conservatives have been calling for, Speaker Boehner took the opportunity to raise the white flag and called it the law of the land, seeking to appease the President as the people of this nation are sacrificed on the alter of the biggest boondoggle this nation has ever seen.

In the fiscal cliff confrontation, again Speaker Boehner backed down and gave ground, when conservatives across the nation were calling for resolve and strength, Speaker Boehner ran and hid, only coming to speak out after a popular backlash against his aimless attempts at leadership.

At every turn, instead of making a stand and taking bold steps, Speaker Boehner has benched himself and walked away from fighting to represent the will of the people who put him in office to protect their interests.

And more recently, in the midst of unprecedented evidence of misuse of power becoming rampant throughout nearly every branch of the current administration, Speaker Boehner refuses to make any comment and once again takes a back seat in the debate.  “When good men do nothing…” makes a good slogan or sound bite, but Speaker Boehner seems to be making it his life’s work…

Speaker Boehner has become a laughing stock; a clown dancing to whichever tune moves his feet, ducking and dodging every opportunity to show fortitude or integrity.  Leadership, the Republican party doesn’t have any, and it shows; as they struggle to find direction and focus and continually fight amongst themselves while the Whitehouse runs roughshod over the constitution at every turn with seeming impunity .

Good men and women are indeed doing nothing; unfortunately, a lot of them are your elected officials.


Just my view from the cheep seats.

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