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Speaker Boehner: Deja vu all over again

I watched a few clips of Speaker Boehner attacking conservatives again today…  It made me reflect upon how truly amazing it is to me that someone like Speaker Boehner who has been on the ropes so many times over the past 5 years…

…and how every single time he has completely caved-in to pressure from the Democrat party;

…about how someone like Speaker Boehner can turn on the core fundamentals of conservatism and champion a budget bill that completely abandons all of those same principles.


I mean, how many times have we, the people been suckered by this very same bait-and-switch routine?  Are we so willing to believe in the integrity of our public servants that we so blithely ignore the fact that this bill is nothing more than a con-man’s shell game?  One in which we the American people lose all of our money to fresh new reckless government spending while the politicians palm the ball, waiting for us to chose any of the empty cups with nothing but empty promises behind them?  I mean really; how many times are we going to stand by while the Democrat party slips the ball back under another cup after we have selected the empty one just to show us how slow and dense we are?  Can’t you just see them snickering behind their hands as we struggle to understand why new spending should ever be considered to be “Balanced” by promises of spending cuts in the future that always vanish into thin air?


Cave-man Boehner has once again lead the charge to certain defeat and our collective ruin by taking this budget compromise and attempting to shove it down our collective throats through threats and intimidation of any republican politicians who stand up to him.  Interestingly enough; in the process he has presented us with a very familiar and distasteful choice to make.  Back during the Clinton presidency we were left to ponder after his “Bimbo eruption” scandals that oddly enough, resemble our current situation with Speaker Boehner to a remarkable degree.


What we pondered then, was the question of why Hillary Clinton would so steadfastly stand by her man while he continually humiliated her with one public sexual gaff after another.  We really only had two answers to choose from:  Either Hillary was so profoundly stupid that she could not see what was happening around her;  actions which were so painfully obvious to the rest of the world, or she was so incredibly focused and determined to build and maintain political power that she simply did not care.


We were faced with either the dumbest woman on the planet, or the most coldly calculating and ruthless power-mongering woman that has ever graced the national stage.  Not exactly a win-win, even for Democrats.


Accepting either of these conclusions left a very bad taste in the mouth of anyone hoping to back Hillary’s next presidential bid, and so nobody was truly surprised to see the Democrat party dump her in the primaries in favor of a virtual unknown in one Barack Obama.


So what does that have to do with Speaker Boehner?  Well, we on the conservative side of this “great political divide” are also left pondering a remarkably similar question regarding Speaker Boehner.


Time and again over the last 5 years, when the two political parties have clashed in ideological struggle over the direction our Nation will take, Speaker Boehner has stood upon the high peek of principle and been repeatedly thrown down like ill considered flotsam tossed overboard in a storm.  But in the lexicon of the history of the American struggle we expect our leaders to pick themselves up from such a beating and rise once again to carry the banner of our ideology back into the fray.  We elect them with this in mind; we vote for them, expecting them to champion our views and to reengage in the fight when our ideology is dealt a decisive blow.


Speaker Boehner, however has failed to stand his ground so on so many occasions that we are left to wonder about his true motives.  That wondering, is what presents us with this very familiar question:


Is this man so incredibly stupid, that he cannot recognize the same failed spend-now, cut-later proposals that the Democrat party pushes before us each and every turn at bat?  I mean, how many times has we fallen prey to this?  “Sealing the Mexican Border” for example, has been a promise the Democrat party has injected into bill after bill that delivers amnesty to those who violate our country’s immigration laws and delivers that amnesty immediately while promising that the border will be sealed “in the near future.”  How has that worked out for us so far?  Is the Mexican border sealed yet?  It was promised to Reagan, to both Bush’s and yet each and every time it comes to making good on that pledge, funding vanishes and that portion of the budget magically gets cut, or another executive order is penned to abandon the border fence or other measures, shackle any states who object and fundamentally abandon the rule of law.


And what are we left with?  Empty promises that are never kept.  All because our leadership in congress cannot recognize the same bait-and-switch tactic that gets used and reused on them at every opportunity.



So back to our choice:


Is Speaker Boehner, like Hillary Clinton before him, so incredibly stupid that he is incapable of identifying what is happening around him?  The same telegraphed tactics the Democrat party continues to beat him over the head with have failed to make a single impression upon him.  …or is he so intently focused on the consolidation of his power and influence that he truly doesn’t care?


Either way, conservative principles in the House HHHcontinue to be sold up the river and the Republican party under his leadership is being guided directly to certain ruin by either a complete buffoon, or a craven power-monger of epic proportions.

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