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Speaker John Boehner: A Spine At Last?

Last week I listened to a speech from a politician that made me both excited and furious at the same moment in time. I was in essence getting something that I had been missing; something that I have been pushing for and writing my own congressman about over and over again. Something that I have written several articles about even.

So why am I angry, nearly furious? Why could I possibly be upset that someone is finally standing up to say what needs to be said? It’s not the message… That particular message has been said over and over again by myself and many others far more influential than I could ever hope to be… It’s that this particular message is being delivered by someone who has burned and desecrated each and every shred of respect I had ever held for the man.

If you missed it, here’s the speech:


To see a spineless creature like Speaker Boehner channeling a congressman with far more backbone and integrity such as Raul Labrador or Sarah Palin both excites and infuriates me because when it truly mattered, John Boehner ran and hid. During the fight against Obamacare, he turned his back on his conservative countrymen and sold us up the river. Each and every time our president took steps to tear down the fabric of our proud and great country, John Boehner was there handing him the keys as if to say “Sure, take her for a spin!”

When the chips were down and republicans needed to fight and stand upon principle, and show America how strong their principles were, Speaker Boehner lead the retreat.

So why be upset? Why not just take the win and be happy he’s finally showing an actual spine?

Because that buck-toothed nag will hightail it for the hills again at the slightest hint of a battle, that’s why. Just because he says the right thing now that our party has won both the House and the Senate does not make his pathetically tragic performance over the past 6 years any less of an indictment on his character. At the first sign of a fight, Boehner will turn tail on us, he’s proven time and again that he has no vision, week ethical principles and no dedication whatsoever to the Conservative principles which Americans have been screaming for.

So now what? We’ve won the House again and the Senate… We still have the weakest leadership we’ve ever had and just because we have control doesn’t mean the same fools who squandered it before won’t turn around and do it all over again.

The House needs new leadership. Speaker Boehner needs to be unseated and thrown out on his backside for all of the backsliding, equivocating and indecisiveness he’s shown us each and every time we needed leadership from him. Anyone can put a few brave words together when the Democrat political machine has just been laid waste; it’s all those times he couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up when the Democrats repeatedly stomped on our constitution and laid waste to the foundation of this country… That’s what I’m upset about today.

Throw the coward out and be done with it. Because if we don’t, we’ll always be looking over our shoulder for the next he pulls the rug out from under us when we least expect it.

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