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A new direction: Technology Advocacy

Taking on a new challenge is hard. You question your choices; you may even question your sanity, but you know that new project is going to take your business where it needs to go, whether that’s keeping up with the competition or outpacing it…


I made a choice recently, a choice to build something fresh and new; to take the risk of falling flat on my face chasing something challenging and exciting.


Everyone has something that breathes new life into them, and for me that something is finding new ways to help people reach beyond the stretch of their arms.  Sometimes your goals are just out of reach, because you’re not that tech guy, or your staff was never designed to handle that Technology project. Getting that Vital tech project finished in a way that takes your business to a new level without going the wrong direction, or costing more than you expected sometimes requires a greater reach and that’s when you turn to someone for help.


Someone who has the tenacity to hold your vendors accountable, while keeping them committed and engaged.


Someone to take the time to examine your goals and put together a project team that will not only get the job done, but get it done right.


Someone who helps you build relationships with technology vendors and helps you navigate the VAR (Value Added Reseller) infested waters.


Someone who can stand by your side and give you the guidance you need to avoid costly pitfalls and move your project towards not only a successful completion, but a fulfilling one.


Someone who can be you advocate in the world of ever changing technology, who has your back when you company’s future is on the line.


Over the last 17 years I’ve helped many companies develop new answers to old problems, push for advanced technological solutions that not only drive innovation, but help them realize real tangible savings and improve their bottom line.   Together, we’ve made their work not only more effective, but also less aggravating. From insurance brokerage to small businesses; technology giant, to growing municipality, I’ve driven hard to ferret out the best answers to the most pressing problems facing businesses.


Until now I’ve done that work on mostly someone else’s payroll, but now I’ve begun the new challenge of turning those skills and experiences towards a new goal and a new challenge: Becoming your Technology Advocate.


My goal today is to take IT Consulting in a bold new direction by abandoning the “Value Added Reseller” model which just doesn’t allow for the flexibility required to serve customers more effectively.


Advotech Consulting: Bringing Technology Advocacy to the business world, one customer at a time.


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