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Hedging your bets in 2012? (The cowardice of timed political endorsements)

Normally, when you hear from someone today about the Republican Presidential candidates, you  you hear hedging and equivocation until very close to the end of the primary season.  Why?  Because nobody wants to be seen on the losing end and lose the public image of being an authority on all things political.  Why else would the big names in politics wait until the last minute to endorse their candidate?

I have no such failing. I’ve said (to any who will stand for it) that Romney is wrong for America from the very beginning, and Ron Paul?  Where do I begin to describe the loose cannon of the century?  I’ve listened to the debates and all of the mudslinging ads and came to very early decision.  Herman Cain was my man.  He had the true conservative roots, no hedging and no flip-flopping.  Just down-to-the-core conservative principles.  But the media nailed him down hard, and even though the women who came out with their claims against him have all failed to show anything resembling any proof other than their common membership in democrat organizations; his campaign ended.  I can’t blame him though, drag my family through that and I can’t say I would want to put them through more of the same.

Now, I have plenty of reasons for not wanting either Romney or Ron Paul at the helm, but they basically boil down to this:  I don’t trust either one of them. Romney Has been on nearly every side of any issue I believe in, so I can’t trust him to be genuine.  I don’t know who he is going to be once he gets into office.  Ron Paul, on the other hand has problem whatsoever showing us what he is exactly for, but his ideas are so off the wall and dangerous, that I simply can’t imagine putting our country in his hands either.

That brings me to who is left:  Gingritch has a ton of accomplishments in his past, the contract for America revolutionized politics and caused a national ground swell that handed the republicans control of congress for the first time in 40 years.  But who is Newt?  What are his core principles?  What guides him?  He has put forward such a deluge of plans, projects and ideas that to wade through it all you need a few years and a team of researchers.  Not only that, but his plans are all over the map,  covering every topic imaginable.  Some are extremely conservative in focus, but a lot of them are downright liberal.  Global warming?  How does any conservative justify falling victim to that boondoggle?  And once you finish wading through them all what are you left with?  A tried and true Middle-of-the-road politician who can tear up a conservative debate like nobody I’ve ever seen.  Add to that his lack of character in his personal life and we are looking down the barrel at the GOP version of Bill Clinton, cause we will never know which Newt will show up to work each day; the conservative bulldozer or the tree-hugger.

Yes, of course I’m way over simplifying and generalizing here.  There just isn’t enough room on the page to go over everything Newt stands for, because he stands for just about everything.  I am not your political activist or pundit, I’m just a guy with a blog speaking his mind to anyone who wanders by the website.  But think about this:  If we put Newt in the White House, are we any better than the democrats who whined about how character doesn’t matter when we impeached Clinton? We pounded President Clinton for his personal indiscretions, so how do we turn around and stand behind Newt’s own questionable personal ethics?

My hope here, is that we can finally vote for a candidate for president that does not cause us to hold our collective noses and hope for the best.  I’m not holding my nose this year, I’m behind Santorum 100%.  So far he’s stayed out of the mud slinging, stayed true to his conservative roots, has shown a consistent track record of being both fiscally and socially conservative and being unwilling to sully himself by throwing dirt at his opponents and sticking to the questions of policy and principle.  I find in him a breath of fresh air that I can believe in.  Knowing that I can stop holding my nose like I was forced to do the last election.  McCain, Really?  What the hell were we thinking?  The only thing remotely redeeming about his candidacy last time around was his choice of VP; Sarah Palin, who brought a fresh new, unapologetically  conservative voice.

I want to vote for Rick Santorum, because he has stayed consistent in his advocacy for policies in which I believe, because he has shown truly dependable personal character and because it is about time we had a true conservative at the reigns of this great country to bring us back to greatness from the mess that we, as a nation, have voted ourselves into.  I’m just hoping that everyone will just pick a side and move forward instead of waiting to see who will win before jumping on the bandwagon like the cowards they make themselves appear to be.  I’m not one of the cowardly undecided, I pay attention, I chose a side, and I pull the lever according to my own mind when the time comes.


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