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Is your presidential candidate insulting your intelligence?

As I sit here, watching the news coverage of the GOP candidates, I am struck by the rather blithe coverage of what must seem to politicians as a way of life, but to me it seems somewhat surreal.  The newscaster and pundits refer to one candidate or another as having trouble “Appealing to the conservative base by appearing more conservative.” Or even “He really should begin moving to the right in order to solidify the conservative base.”  Now hold on a minute…

Let that one sink in…

How does one “move” their entire life-view over to one ideology or the other in any meaningful way during an election year?  Does this mean that there exists some existential guru-style conversion camp for politicians?

No?  I didn’t think so either.  Why is this blatant misdirection not a bigger deal with the media?  Hello!  This is ridiculous!  You might as well stand Vice President Biden up with a “Support our troops!” sign in his hands wearing an NRA button; it’s just as difficult to believe.  The fact is, these people actually believe that by saying something different at their next campaign stop, we are all going to forget everything they have ever told us before this and magically jump on board just because they mouth the words of something we believe in even even though they have never believed in it once themselves.

For instance; how does Romney begin to sell the idea that he has mystically become pro-life?  He’s been demonstrably pro-choice/abortion before, and publicly assured everyone that he would never change pro-abortion laws while in office.  Secondly, how does Newt think he will win conservative voters over simply by expressing all of the conservative principles they want to hear?  We know he’s very good at debating and speaking, but he’s also said he believes man has caused global warming…  How consistent is that?

There are indeed many other examples from a variety of candidates of each party, and for the sake of brevity I’ll just gloss over the daily flip-flops Obama has demonstrated throughout his time in office.  Not that they don’t make me shake my head and grab for my gun and Bible, but that’s another topic entirely.

Are these politicians insulting our intelligence with these blatant “false conversions?” that wash away as fast as they leave town?  Who do they think they are fooling anyway?  Do they truly believe we are collectively that stupid?

Here’s what I say:  [important]Just be yourself![/important] Stop pandering to the polls, telling us what you think we want to hear and speak from the heart to what you truly believe.  Trust the American people to know what they want and who will best represent them, but for crying out loud, “Stop insulting our intelligence!


As always:  Just my view from the cheep seats.

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