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Our Historic President

Some days I wish the President would just sit still and do nothing…

Sit on your hands if you have to Mr. President…

Is it just me, or is it becoming an expectation every morning to hear about another new “executive order” making another change to the Laughing-stock that Obamacare has become?  I mean, come on!  It’s already a three-legged stool as it is, why start cutting on the remaining legs now?

Obamacare doesn’t work “Delay the Employer mandate!”

Wait! That doesn’t make sense, why not delay everything until it’s ready?  What about the website?  The one a few hundred million people are required to use in order to sign up?  “We are experiencing a few minor glitches, we will be working on repairs…  Minor repairs, nothing to worry about.  Everything will be fully functional by November first.”  Yeah, no looking behind the curtain, right oh great and powerful OZ?

Umm, am I on a different planet or did you only get 5 people in the entire nation to successfully sign up for coverage on the first day?  How about the first month?  Oh, snap!  Only 100k, and that counts everyone who almost completed it but didn’t too?  Wow…  You had common core in your schools going up, right?  “We will be taking the website completely offline for another small patch. Ignore that silly thing said but didn’t say about the website being fixed by November first…  I was only kidding.”

Somehow I’m not sure “Fixed” means what you think it means Mr. President.  What about that other problem with the mandatory abortion pills?  How’s that going for you?  “Employers must pay for abortion pills and contraceptives, but we’ll just say it’s coming from somewhere else.  You’re still paying for it though…”

Say what?  Who do you think that’s going to fool, Big Bird?  What about your broken promise that “If you like your plan you can keep it?”  2 million people just lost their plans, Einstein, now what?  “Executive order:  Now you can keep your plan.”

But Insurance companies were forced by law to cut off those plans, now you’re asking them to ignore written law which can only legally be changed by Congress?  “Executive Order part duex:  You can now get catastrophic coverage and not pay the tax penalty for not having coverage.”

Now you’re changing tax law too?  Shouldn’t congress be doing something about this at some point?  Oh wait; that’s right, you have cave-man Boehner on the run whimpering in a dark corner somewhere…

So where are things now?

Hobby Lobby has the abortion pill mandates on the ropes with a federal Judge issuing in injunction against it, and this week another class action suit consisting of mainly Baptist church organizations accomplished a similar injunction from yet another federal judge.

Add that to the 2 million plus who have gotten pink slips from their Insurance providers and the estimated 80-plus million who will likely, (according to financial experts) have their workplace insurance yanked out from under them.

The unions that got him elected cried foul when they found out they were being cut just as badly as everyone else…  Until he exempted them from the cuts we all face.

You know, when people across the country touted Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency as “Historic” I bet they never dreamed that this President would actually slap one third of the entire population right across the face and kill their medical coverage in one fell swoop…

Historic indeed…  The First president in history to directly damage the lives of fully one third of the nation in a very personal and dramatic way.  You could rightly say his Presidency is shaping up to be historically cataclysmic on an epic scale.  Healthcare and financial experts around the globe are declaring the American economy a sucking black hole of downward potential due to the direct negative effects of Obamacare alone.


Let’s look at some of the ever growing list of historic firsts happening under President Obama’s careful stewardship:

  • Historic rises in Healthcare premiums
  • Historic shortages of Psychiatric professionals
  • Historic number of closings of Medical private practice offices
  • Historic numbers of active investigations of government fraud, nepotism and corruption
  • Historic releases of known terrorists back into the battlefield to kill more Americans
  • Historic release of a healthcare website designed to serve millions that lacks most of the fundamental security safeguards.  Without firing or publicly reprimanding a single person.
  • First President in History to actively restrict religious freedoms by forcing religious institutions to fund and provide abortion pills.
  • Historic number of employers nationwide cutting salaries to under 30 hours.
  • Historic number of unemployed people who have stopped looking for work
  • Historic cut in Warrior Hero veteran retirement benefits
  • Historic number (29) public lies by any President caught on video in history:  “If you like your plan, you can keep it.  Absolutely.”
  • Historic government blockade of all public monuments in the name of “Saving money” by spending more than it takes to run those monuments and keep them open.
  • First President in history to close the White House “The people’s house” to the public.
  • First half-Black President in History
  • Historic number of election scandals and government kickback to his political contributors.
  • First President to be caught using the IRS as his personal weapon of vendetta against political opponents.
  • Largest budget deficit in history.
  • First President to ever sign a law requiring all Americans to buy any product (Obamacare coverage)
  • First Present to ever sue States for daring to help enforce federal immigration laws.
  • First President to be held in contempt of court for obstructing Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
  • First President to openly share nuclear defense secrets with the Russian government.
  • First President to complete over 150 rounds of Golf during war time.
  • First President to ever attempt to abdicate control over US territorial waters to the UN.
  • First President to watch American Soldiers and a US Ambassador die on a live TV feed without lifting a finger to help them.
  • First president in history to Issue illegal recess Appointment while Congress was not in recess.
  • First President in history to be raised almost entirely in a foreign country
  • First President in history to mistake a terrorist killing spree as “Workplace violence.”


Historic indeed…

(Google each point if you like, each one can be easily found and documented from publicly available media sources)


Just my view from the cheep seats…

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