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Tips: Indecent expectations.

When I walk into a place that has a mandatory tip on the bill; I walk out and never go back because that is just pure arrogance and I will not pay a single dime to any establishment that does that.

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Memorial day: Our Living Tributes

Another Memorial Day is here, and I think back on friends I have lost who served.  I remember standing in front of my father’s coffin and the vault engraved with the Navy Cross he was so very proud of.  I remember Sgt Mulkern’s bagpipes, Stripe’s crooked smile and SSgt Arnold’s tortured grin…   When I …

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Installing Cumulative Updates on Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft has released cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2016 (CU2) and Exchange Server 2013(CU13), clearing the technique for .NET Framework 4.6.1 use by organizations. Microsoft Unlocks .NET Framework 4.6.1 : possibly the most outstanding updated…

Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (beta)

Microsoft is offering 350 beta seats for the Exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016…

Memorial Day: 2015

All through the ages our proud men & women have served and fought as well as did their families who also served by supporting them.

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Obama Sits Upon His Throne To Watch The World Burn

This President has abandoned this nation as no other before him has ever done. Carter? Obama outpaced Carter’s idiocy years ago.

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Before the Berlin Wall Fell: A Parting Shot

The base motor pool began to thunder with the sound of massive engines as every tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle crew began loading up a full fighting load of arms and men. Downs Barracks in Fulda West Germany had gone from silent to a war footing in mere minutes.

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Abraham Lincoln: A Fearless Revolutionary

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. -Abraham Lincoln It shouldn’t be a surprise that Abraham Lincoln is our revolutionary for the month of May. He fits our definition…

2014 Conservative Policy Summit: An Agenda to Unite America

  2014 is a crucial year for our country.  This fall the American people will go to the polls and choose between two vastly different visions for the future.  The Left offers more of the same: managed decline and the further Europeanization of our nation.  Conservatives, on the other hand, have a positive agenda that …

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What “defines” you?

Someone asked me today “What defines you?” I thought about that for a minute… Here’s my answer:

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Common Core: A Principal’s response

As a follow up to my previous article, I asked the Principal at an Idaho school some rather pointed questions about Common Core and how it relates to my instruction for my child in particular. I have placed some of those questions and answers here for your review.

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Common Core: What does it mean for parents?

So far, the teachers I’ve talked to express more resignation regarding the common core standards than anything else.  In the case of my oldest daughter’s school, the teachers of AP courses are expected to work completely without a syllabus of any kind and are mostly winging it and creating their own as they go. When …

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The day after Thanksgiving

We have given thanks appropriately for all that God’s gracious bounty has afforded us the opportunity to enjoy. The meals are over; friends & family have gone home and the turkey, ribeye, fruit salad & other leftovers reappear as sandwiches, lunches and snacks while that leftover pie beckons for one last shot at becoming that …

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Why critiques are so critical

What motivates me to write most often is what stirs me to shout out… It also becomes the outlet for expressing opinions about events and people who I believe to be doing harm to the world we live in.

My writings do not reflect the course of my life, they merely reflect the course of my writing.

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Remembrance day: 9-11

This day is yet another reminder for us to give thanks to those around us who serve or have served, and to remember their families who serve and sacrifice in support of them as well. A day that should drive us to continue to remember them beyond this day and carry it throughout our daily lives.

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Obituary: The demise of a once glorious California

I grew up believing in the California of achievable dreams, of justice, honor, freedom, fairness and respect.

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Internships: A replacement for a College degree?

In the short term, the lack of college education especially in technically challenging fields such as Information Technology, is more of a hindrance than a benefit, and an internship indeed provides a far more valuable real-world experience relevant to the actual workplace, but what happens when you reach the point where you wish to advance beyond that?

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Shelter-Skelter: A true story of death, deceit and betrayal at the Boise Humane Society animal shelter

I wrote this article a few year back when my wife & I used to volunteer for the Boise shelter… Fostering animals for the Boise Humane Society is at best, a dodgy enterprise; take a litter of kittens home with you and they promise total care and support, but bring them in for minor care, …

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Foreign outsourcing: Why companies go “off shore,” and the sacrifices involved.

Someone asked me recently why Accountants do not outsource their bookkeeping to companies outside the USA.  As someone with an interest in the bookkeeping industry, (I help my wife run Duker Books, a bookkeeping company in Eagle Idaho) I have a few thoughts on the matter, but this topic is equally true of other industries, …

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The ins and outs of Climate Science: Scientists being less than scientific.

Have you tried to search for the word climate change lately?  Or global warming?  You will notice two things, the UN has completely canvassed the entire internet with its climate change dogma.  Also notice the Global warming is no longer used, because the global temperatures have tended to stop rising in the late 90’s, so …

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Getting that second opinion and why it can save your life

I recently went through a rather hair raising experience lately that brought something to my attention that I did not know before, and to be quite frank, was surprised at the simplicity of it all.  That lesson was so eye-opening that I need to share it.  Now the point of this is not to point …

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Poem: I love my life…

[important]  Audio version available!         I love my life [/important] I love my wife, I love my life My heart shines through my children’s eyes   Troubles come and then they go Through it all she won’t let go Cloudy skies don’t trouble me No silver lining do I need When in …

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Texting and driving is driving me nuts!

I am so completely done with people using their cell phones while they drive.   I get the attraction,  really; you want to see that emergency message that just popped up from your boss and such, but so many people take it so far beyond common sense that their swaying car might as well have a …

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A question of service: A look at Military service and citizenship

A question was raised to me recently that I have heard before often enough and it deserves a little time and attention to explore a few of its twists and turns:  Should we force all of our young to serve in the military?  Other countries do it, and some think that doing this would cause …

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Workforce motivation: Where’s the sweet spot?

A workers view: In my experience, there are three things that provide the most motivation for an employee to produce at a higher level.  Two of these things can be provided by the employer, but one of them is something that the employee must already possess: Trust:  If they trust their coworkers and management to …

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