What about Bob?

Bob grew up in the City of Orange California until he joined the US Army at the age of 17.   15 years later, after serving in 2 branches of the US military and the US Customs Service, Bob turned his lifelong hobby into a career in the Information Technology field.  Bob currently serves as the IT Systems Administrator, Project Manager for the City of Nampa, Idaho and is the CIO of Duker Books, a full service bookkeeping services company and provides professional IT consulting services through Duker Inc.

Bob’s perspective come from that of the average man’s view of the world from what he calls the “Cheap seats;”  the seat anyone can occupy as a voter, consumer and member of the community if they pay attention to the world around them.  His articles contain a mix of professional reviews of technology as well as personal perspectives on politics and consumer reviews taken from his combined 30 years of experience in the fields of IT, law enforcement & military service.

All consumer reviews stem from first-hand experience with the product or service being reviewed.

Political opinion articles:  The opinion of an average man who pays attention and conducts his own research.  Bob’s observations voice his concerns regarding what is plainly visible to everyone who watches or listens to the news from various sources regarding the events happening in the world around us.

Other general articles relate to topics of the day and may relate personal experiences or observations derived from research on particular topics that pique his interest.

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